12/15/2019 Fishing Report

Fishing Report 12/15/2019

Winter in the Lowcountry is pretty random.  One day, the weather is 70-degrees and beautiful.  The next day is super windy and cold. Unfortunately, Saturday was more of the latter.  A strong (and cold) northerly wind made for rough and tough fishing conditions. The wind was so strong that I found myself fishing in marginal areas that were sheltered from the gale.  While these areas are good for comfort, they did not produce a single fish. After a couple of fishless hours, I decided to go where the fish were (as if I actually knew where the fish were).  

Conditions in the Wando River were a bit sporty.  But, my Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid eats up the rough stuff and I was able to comfortably run upriver at 40 miles per hour.  Upon my arrival at a dock with reasonably clear water and lots of oysters, I cut the main engine and deployed the trolling motor.  The wind was howling, and the constant wave action made water clarity extremely poor. Without much hope or confidence, I fired a cast to the base of the dock.  To my surprise, a Redfish ate the Z-Man Finesse TRD. It was a tiny Redfish, but I was ecstatic. I had officially exceeded my expectations by one fish! Of course, that Redfish ended up being the only fish on Saturday.  It was a really rough and tough day.

Thanks for the tremendous interest in the cold-water fishing class.  Brody and I are looking forward to sharing a few cold-water techniques in January.  Will provide more details next week.

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