After the Storm

We are very fortunate that Hurricane Florence did not hit us. Sady, our friends to the north were not so lucky. Let’s all keep them in our thoughts and prayers. Given the slow-moving nature of Hurricane Florence, I missed a few days of fishing last week. On Sunday, conditions improved to the point that I could safely go fishing. So, I launched the skiff into the last of the falling tide. It was my theory that with the tide being low, the creek banks would protect me from the wind. As with most of my theories, this one was also incorrect. It was windy all over. After enduring a bumpy and wet ride to my first fishing location, a shallow marsh point, I deployed the trolling motor and began moving into casting distance. About then, a commercial crabber pulled up. He waved and yelled, I have to be out here to make a living, but you are just crazy. We both had a good laugh and went our separate ways. Once in position, I cast a Z-Man 4-inch Jerk ShadZ on a Finesse BulletZ 1/6-ounce jig to the marsh point and felt a solid thump. I set the hook but somehow missed the fish. On the next cast, my luck was much better, and a solid Redfish welcomed back to the river. While I was unable to fish due to the storm, I figured out how to take a timed photo with my phone. So, I propped my phone on the console of my skiff and posed with my first fish after the storm. Turns out my theory on taking good pictures via a timer on my phone was incorrect (again). The Redfish bite continued until the tide began to rise and the fished moved off the marsh point. With the windy and choppy conditions, I was unable to re-locate them. So, I headed back the boat ramp. On the way home, I passed the commercial crabber. He waved, and I could hear him laughing for a considerable distance.

Top shelf top water action

Sometimes you have to pay a few dues to enjoy an epic top water bite.  Last week, I set my alarm for 4:30 AM and was on location casting a bone colored Skitter Walk SW08 by 5:15.  The early start paid big dividends.  Trout and Redfish were aggressively crashing my lure.   Good thing I smashed down the barbs on the Skitter Walk treble hooks because the fish were wolfing it down.  You have to get up early to enjoy some top shelf top water action.

Montana Trip

A few weeks ago, Elliott and I made a quick trip to Montana.  For the past few years, we have wanted to target big Rainbow and Brown Trout with hopper style flies.  In late August, grasshoppers are abundant in the grasses that the line the Yellowstone River and are a favorite meal of the resident Trout.  So, Elliott and I flew into Bozeman and fished with Zach, a guide with The Montana Angler.  The hopper bite was very good and I get my personal best Rainbow, Brown and Cut Throat on hoppers.  Great trip to a truly beautiful place.