Holiday Fishing

For me, the holiday season is about the 5 Fs; Faith, Family, Friends, Food and Fishing.  These are the key ingredients for making great memories.  Thinking back, my senior year report card also had 5 Fs.  However, those are memories I am trying to forget.  Or, at least to deny!

As our families and friends gather to celebrate Christmas (and eat tremendous quantities of food), don’t forget the 5th F, Fishing.  The water temperature is in the middle 50-degree range and the fish are eating like me at Prime Rib night at the Daniel Island Club.  Another memory I am trying to forget. 

Seriously, this is a great time to go fishing.  On warm days, the Trout and Redfish move into the shallows seeking food and warmth.  Casting a Z-Man TRD or StreakZ 3.75 near creek bank irregularities assures solid action.  On cold days, the Trout move into deep holes.  It is not unusual for over 100 fish to stack up in one hole.  It is literally like fishing in a barrel.  So, get out and make some great memories.