April 21 Fishing Class – Four Things You Can Do to Catch More Fish

On April 21, I will be teaching a fishing class at the Pierce Park Pavilion from 10:00 till Noon. My topic will be Four Things You Can Do to Catch More Fish. After the class, there will be hands-on breakout sessions for tying knots, casting instruction and rigging soft plastic lures.  A BBQ lunch will also be served.

Ankona Boats and Salt March Skiffs will have a few of their skiffs  on display and available for demo rides after lunch.

The Charleston Angler  team and members of the Daniel Island Inshore Fishing Club will be on hand to help with the breakout sessions.  Our goal is to provide the personal instruction needed to master casting, knot tying and rigging of soft plastic lures.

The class is free. However, I am asking attendees to consider a donation to the Lucy Boyle Memorial Fund or the ReSpeck Initiative (that is working to rebuild our Trout stocks after the massive winter die-off).  Seating for the event is limited.  Please confirm attendance via email to captgregp@gmail.com.

The address of the Pierce Park Pavilion is 1801 Pierce St, Daniel Island, SC  29492.  The Pavilion is located behind the pool.


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  1. You are amazing.I love fishing but one thing worries me all the time.That is when I go fishing with my friends. Then I got less fish than all.But now I’ll follow your tips while fishing.I hope to get many fish.Thanks for sharing this tips.

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