Closed Boat Landing

Daniel Island Boat Landings are Closed

The boat landings on Daniel Island are closed.  So, I have not been fishing.  However, I have it on good authority that boat landings in Mount Pleasant and Berkeley County are still operating.  If they remain open this week, I will endeavor to leave Daniel Island (say is isn’t so) to go fishing.  In the interim, I am thinking ideas to entertain myself.

Number 1 – Write a fishing article that no one ever reads.  On the bright side, given the lack of things to do, my readership may go up out of sheer boredom!

Number 2 – Teach Brody, the amazing fish finding dog, to back up a boat trailer.  In order to do this, does Brody need a driver’s license?  By the way, he has already passed the written portion of the driver’s test.  However, Brody is not good at parallel parking.  So, backing up a boat trailer may be asking too much.

Number 3 – Eat my emergency food stash.  I have a 6-month supply of Cheez Its. Some people hoard toilet paper.  I hoard Cheez Its.  If things get really bad, you can’t eat toilet paper.  Actually, I guess you can.  But, you would have to be pretty hungry. 

Number 4 – Put together a nearshore fishing class for when this Covid-19 thing ends.  Perhaps, for some time in May (let’s be optimistic).  Thinking about designing the class around our summertime species.  Bull Redfish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel and Spadefish come immediately to mind.  If you would be interested in attending, please send me a note at

Be safe.  Be well.  Then go fishing!

2 thoughts on “Closed Boat Landing”

  1. I would be interested in the class.

    also if you want to go out the week of April 13 th let me know. I can get out from private ramp at the Wando bridge. Just pick a day.

    1. Thanks. I will let you know when the class is scheduled. Also, appreciate the offer to fish. Just put my Pathfinder at a friends dock.

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