Daniel Island News – March 8

Late winter feels more like spring.  This week, the water temperature hit 63 degrees, which is unusually warm for early March.  Like the water, the fishing is heating up.  Baitfish (glass minnows, mud minnows and finger mullet) have returned to the shallows.  Trout are moving out of their winter deep water haunts and into the shallows to feed.  Look for concentrations of baitfish around marsh points and oyster bars.  If you see bait, there is a pretty good chance Trout and Redfish are nearby.

I recommend using a lure that is similar in size and color to the baitfish that you see.  When glass minnows are present, a Z-Man Slim SwimZ (Opening Night) on a 1/8-ounce Trout Eye Finesse Jig is a good choice.  Recently, this has been a highly productive lure combination.  If Mud minnows are the primary forage, try using a Z-Man TubeZ (The Deal) on a mushroom head jig.  Mud minnows are usually handing around oyster bars for protection.  The TubeZ and mushroom head jig help to fish around oysters with getting hung up (as much).  When finger mullet are abundant, a Z-Man StreakZ 3.75 (Ralph Shad) or MinnowZ (Bad Shad) on a 3/16-ounce Trout Eye Jig are hard to beat.  Retrieve the lures with an erratic jerk and pause retrieve.  It is important to keep the lures on or near the bottom.  The strike most often occurs after the jerk and during the pause (as the lure descends to the bottom).

Fishing is very good right now and it will get even better as the water temperature rises.  So round up the kids and go fishing!



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  1. Good stuff Greg. Educational. First sight I click on most mornings. Cam and I just got back from a successful trip to the Keys. My boat is being bottom painted and having a Power Pole Blade installed. Will let you know how the fishing is in Savannah when she is back on the water. Steve

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