Winter is Over!

Winter is officially over!  The days are getting longer (and warmer).  As we transition into Spring, it can make fishing a bit challenging.  The large schools of Redfish that spend the Winter in the shallows are breaking up.  Depending on the day and barometer, Trout can be shallow or deep.  For the next few weeks, all of this moving around can make locating fish difficult.  During this time, being flexible is the key to success.  Moving around can tip the odds in your favor.

On bright sunny days, shallow water will be a few degrees warmer than water in main river or harbor.  Baitfish will congregate in the warmer water.  Especially around structure like oyster bars.  Small schools of Redfish will be hanging around the oyster bars enjoying the warmer water and seeking an easy meal.  These fish should be relatively easy to catch.  A well-presented lure or bait will most often lead to a solid bite.  I recommend moving around until you find feeding fish.  The water is still quite clear.  If you are stealthy, it is easy to spot the small schools of Redfish.

Trout tend to move with the barometer.  When it is steady or moving slowly, look for Trout to be actively feeding in the shallows.  A rapidly moving barometer usually drives Trout into deeper water.  That was the case this weekend.  A cold front passed through the area.  Leaving behind it windy conditions and a rapidly rising barometer.  It took a lot of moving around until I located fish holding in 10 to 15 feet of water.  Once located, bouncing a StreakZ 3.75 (Blue Back Herring) on a Trout Eye finesse jig along the transition from 10 to 15 feet produced good numbers of quality fish.

Winter is over.  Get out and go fishing.  I figure even if I do not catch any fish, at least I will be getting a jump on my tan!




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