Winter Returns to Lowcountry

Winter returned to the Lowcountry today.  After weeks of unusually warm weather, Mother Nature brought the cold weather hammer down. Strong winds and a light rain made for bone chilling conditions.  It was cold (and wet) but I had the fish all to myself.   While the air was cold, the water temperature was 61 degrees.  So the fish were still feeding aggressively.  A Z-Man StreakZ 3.75 (Blue Back Herring) on a 3/16 ounce Trout Eye Finesse jig was the most productive lure.  Most of the fish were on a depth transition from 2 to 10 feet.  Redfish were shallow and Trout were deep.  A snap and pause retrieve triggered the most strikes.  The weather is cold (again) but right now the fishing is pretty hot.

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