Smart Dog

Brody on the way to his office

Recently, the weather has been very comfortable.  As such, Brody (the amazing fish finding and stock trading dog) and I have been spending a lot time outside.  Brody loves to sleep in the sunshine on the floating dock.  From this vantage point, he can inspect all the boats that pass by.  To my surprise, many of them stop and greet Brody by name.   Most of them ask Brody where the fish are.  A few ask for a stock pick.  Then, they notice me and out of politeness ask me as question so I don’t feel left out.  This week, Brody and I will endeavor to answer all your questions.

Brody says, with shorter days and cooler water temperatures, Trout and Redfish are schooling up and feeding aggressively.  On the falling tide, predators are holding in the mouth of creek drains waiting for the tide to bring them an easy meal.  Brody recommends a run and gun fishing strategy.  Basically, keep moving until you find actively feeding fish.  This time of year, the fish are stocking up before the lean days of winter arrive.  If they are holding in a creek drain, they will be eating.

Brody asked me to remind you that he is a dog.  As such, he does not hold any “human” stock trading certifications.  With Brody’s disclaimer out of the way, he has an option to buy Apple at $109. 

As for the election, Brody voted by mail-in ballot.  However, he is unwilling to reveal who he voted for.  Also, Brody says the rumor that he considering a run for the presidency in 2024 is absolutely false.   But he does want to be the next Governor of South Carolina.

Many of the people who stop by the dock ask me, what is it like to be Brody’s assistant?  Challenging but I love my job!