Fishing Class

A few seats are still available for my class on “How to Catch Fish On and Around Daniel”.  The class will have 2 focus areas.  How to catch fish in Smythe Park Lake and in the rivers and creeks that surround Daniel Island.  If you have children and are thinking about participating in the Daniel Island Kids Fishing Tournament, I believe this class will be beneficial.  The free class is on Saturday, April 1st at 10:00 AM at the Daniel Island library.  I am asking attendees to consider a contribution to the Lucy Boyle Memorial Fund.

In preparation for the class, I did a little fishing in Smythe Park Lake.  Happy to report that a healthy population of bass and bream are still in residence.  The bass had an affinity for a StreakZ 3.75 on a 2/0 sixteenth ounce flutter hook.  Bream could not resist a chartreuse or white 1/8 ounce Road Runner.  In the class, we will cover where and how to fish these lures.

This week, my brother-in-law Mike Balduzzi was visiting Daniel Island.  Mike is an avid angler so we spent a lot of our time on the water.  Conditions were a bit cool and very breezy.  However, we did manage to catch good numbers of Trout and Redfish.  Most of the fish we caught were holding along depth transitions from 5 to 10 feet.  A Z-Man StreakZ 3.75 on a 3/16 ounce Trout Eye finesse jig was the most productive lure.  A sweep and long pause retrieve cadence triggered the most strikes (with most occurring during the long pause).  During the class, we will cover the techniques Mike and I used to locate and catch fish (in very tough conditions).

Hope to see you on April 1st.


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