Lowcountry Finesse

Finesse fishing can be highly effective in the Lowcountry.  Especially in post cold front conditions.  When the sky is blue and the barometer is rapidly rising, downsizing your tackle system and lures can tilt the odds in your favor.  My favorite post cold front lure is a Z-Man StreakZ 3.75 on a Trout Eye Finesse Jig.  This combination is a proven Trout producer (pretty much any time).  However, it really shines after a cold front passes through.  Smaller profile and lighter lures need a matching tackle system.  My go to outfit is a 7′ St. Croix Legend Elite Light (fast action) paired with a 1000 frame Shimano CI4 reel.  It is a joy to cast and can detect even the most subtle post cold front bite.

Next time the skies are blue, the wind is out of the northeast and the fish are not cooperating.  Try a little finesse.

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