There’s Always Room For Improvement!

Fishing Report 01/19/2020

Brody (the amazing fish finding dog), is a pretty good fishing partner. He knows where the fish are and lets me catch all of them.  That’s pretty good!  However, there are a few areas that he can improve.  

Improvement area number 1 is food.  When he brings snacks for the boat, they are always the Milk Bone crunchy doggie biscuits. I have told him many times that I prefer the chewy ones.  Yet time after time, crunchy biscuits.

Improvement area number 2 is backing down the boat trailer. Brody is a smart dog and actually a good driver. But it takes him several tries to backthe boat into the water. The next time we go fishing, I will back downtheboat trailer and let Brody dock the boat.For a good fishing partner, it is the least I can do.

Improvement area number 3 is paying for gas. Brody has an American Express card,but he never offers to pay for gas. What’s up with that?  

Improvement area number 4 is licking fish before releasing them. While I am a strong proponent of catch and release, it is inappropriate to lick and release. I think he should at least ask before licking.  It is the right thing to do.

Improvement area number 5 is hogging all female attention. When we are fishing together it is like I am invisible.  Petty? Yes, but my ego demands acknowledgement.

If you have any recommendations on how to help Brody improve, please let me know!

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